Ardmore Medical Group

Multidisciplinary specialist healthcare provider in Singapore

Life in motion does not stop with age.

We specialise in Orthopaedic Surgery
Using advanced, safe, and effective techniques.

Live well,
live pain-free.

We specialise in
Pain Management & Anaesthesiology

Using pain management and pain intervention techniques.

Look good, feel good.

We specialise in Aesthetics and Wellness.
We offer comprehensive programs, using quality technology treatments.

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We are a Singapore-based multidisciplinary specialist healthcare group.
We aim to be recognised as the leading healthcare provider in Singapore and Asia Pacific region, and to build the “Ardmore” brand that is synonymous with excellent, yet affordable specialist services. “Ardmore”, which is derived from the Irish word for “great height”, embodies our focus on total health and well-being of our patients, enabling them to lead active and pain-free lives.

Ageing is natural, and is a positive way of life.
But how well health and wellness are being integrated into our ageing, will really make a difference in each decade of our lives.

That is why we are building Ardmore into a medical group that targets all aspects of health as we look at ageing well, and helping our patients live a holistic life, regardless of their age.



Orthopaedic Surgery

We provide specialised care and offer treatment techniques for patients with orthopaedic problems. This includes percutaneous and minimally invasive surgery or keyhole surgery.


Pain Management & Anaesthesiology

We specialise in the management of chronic and acute pain conditions in the neck, back, nerve, abdominal, pelvic, as well as cancer pain and fibromyalgia.


Aesthetics & Wellness

Ardmore’s boutique aesthetic clinic is dedicated to being up-to-date with the latest technology for optimal results. We use FDA-approved machines, and the latest in Korean aesthetic technology.


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